12 Times Makes a Habit

12 Times Makes a Habit

Have you ever heard this phrase?  Someone told me this years ago, and I have forever cemented it in to my brain.  There’s no scientific basis for this, and it may very likely have no foundation whatsoever!  But every time I start something new, every time I struggle to make it happen, I remind myself “12 times makes a habit.”  It is a reminder to myself that it takes time to learn something new.  It’s a reminder to be gentle on myself while I am making this change.

Today is March 12, and today is the 12th day of the Eat Real Food Challenge.  Today marks 12 days in a row of new choices, new thought patterns, new lifestyles.  While to us our daily actions may seem insignificant, know that they most certainly are not.  Every little choice is a ripple in what will later become a large wave.   What you do today will change your tomorrow.

So when you are finding it a challenge to keep with your goals, remind yourself that change is hard work.  And sometimes we can keep on it, and we feel proud of ourselves.  But sometimes we fall back in to old patterns and habits.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  Instead, remind yourself that every day you have the choice to choose something new.  And even when we take a step backwards, it’s ok.  Because this time we remembered that maybe that wasn’t the choice we wanted to make.  And that little thought right there, that was your sign of positive change.  Take comfort and pride in the fact that even though your old habits may still exist, new habits and reactions are in fact alive and strong in your brain.

No one is asking for perfection here, and no one is expected to be perfection.  Learning comes in many forms, in many disguises.  It’s been 12 days friends, and you have learned new habits.  Keep going, keep trying, keep learning.  And don’t stop until you are proud.

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