Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

Its a new year, and a new chance for you.  I know resolutions get a bad rap for being a temporary wish in one’s life, but I love them!  I love the symbolism of the new year and the fresh start it brings in your life.  Some years we close out thinking back on all the amazing things we experienced, but some years we close out like the end of a grueling marathon.  Both are victories to be celebrated, each in their own way.  And for me, what better way to celebrate than to take the lessons we learned last year and put them in to action this year?


Every year I resolve to do better, try for more, to keep inching my way towards what I want.  Sometimes I do get off track, but that can be a good lesson in focus.  And hey, sometimes we learn more good lessons on our diversions!  It’s all about that silver lining!


Last year I learned about personal strength.  I accomplished things I didn’t know I was ready for, but life threw my way anyway.  And while it was indeed grueling at times, I can honestly look back and smile.  And I do this with gratitude.  Sometimes we don’t think we are ready for a challenge, or we doubt our ability to accomplish.  But then life comes along and shows us otherwise.


I talk a lot about food and how it nourishes our bodies.  But I hope you remember too that there is so much more than physical nourishment.  I hope you look at life and see how you feed your soul, your mind, and your heart.  We are so much more than a physical being, and it’s when we nurture our whole selves that we truly experience well-being.  So one more time, look back at 2017.  How did it treat you?  What can you learn?  What can you smile about?  And what do you want to take with you in to 2018?


The new year is always a fresh start and a great time to set forth new resolutions.  I highly encourage you to do this for yourself.  Write them down, proclaim them out loud to friends and family.  But one more thing.  Don’t worry if there comes a day where you find yourself off track.  It’s bound to happen, and there’s usually a good reason, or moreso- a lesson!- involved.  But here is one more thing to remind yourself along your personal journey:  every day is a new day, and every day offers a new start.  Treat every day like New Years and you will wake with fresh eyes and fresh hope.


Happy New Years to you all!  May this year be your best yet.

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