About Us

About Us


Our Approach

Growing the Seed is a company that recognizes every person has their own story.  We are here to add to that beautiful story in a way that is meaningful and has long lasting effects on your health and wellbeing.  We are not a diet based company.  We are a holistic nutrition based company.  Every step of the process is designed for you, with only your needs in mind.  Through whole body nutrition we help you experience success and happiness in living healthfully.

Meet the Founder

Holistic Nutrition is about personal approaches to individual health.  We understand that learning about you is vital to the success of your plan, so we know that learning about us is important to.


Meredith Hartlage



After years of struggling with various health complaints, I discovered the impact of quality nutrition on my own success.  I discovered the answer had been in my hands all along.  The renewed vigor and vast improvements I have experienced through holistic nutrition inspired me to share my knowledge with others.

Empowerment through education is a gift of unimaginable rewards, and it deserves to be experienced by all.  I am dedicated to helping others on their individual paths to improved health and quality of life.  You will see that the answer to your own questions lies in your hands, too.  Together, we can discover the joy of living well!



Next Steps…

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