Quality Nutrition Workshop August 9th, 2018

Quality Nutrition Workshop August 9th, 2018

Food is much more than calories.  Food is energy, food is fuel, and if we allow, food is   medicine.  Sifting through diet fads and ever changing health recommendations can be overwhelming and downright confusing.  Join Meredith Hartlage, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at W & J,  in a discussion of how to choose foods that fit your personal needs and focus on quality, not quantity, nutrition.   Participants will learn:

      • How to feed and nourish the body
      • To distinguish the different ways of eating and which is best for them
      • Cooking and preparation demonstrations 
      • Techniques to support health and wellbeing

When: Thursday August 9th from 7pm-8:30pm

Where: Indigo Yoga Loft 

Cost: $25 for the class, includes handouts and demonstrations

RSVP: 412-257-3200 or at www.indigoyogaloft.com



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