Restoring Longevity Workshop

Restoring Longevity Workshop

  This past Sunday, July 8, we partnered with Lisa Salvatore in New York for a fun, hands on workshop packed full of nutrition tips and demonstrations.  We talked about restoring longevity from the inside out.   Integrating mind, body, and spirit reminds us that we are not the sum of our parts, but rather a beautiful, intricately made holistic individual.  We feed our bodies and we feed our souls and the health that abounds on the inside radiates as beauty on the outside.


I can’t thank the attendees enough for joining us and being open to the adventure.  We had a great time, ate some delicious samples, and learned how to love and heal ourselves through our daily choices.  We look forward to next time!


For more information about Lisa Salvatore and her Intuitive Wellness Coaching services, you can find her here:

Her unique approach and ability to delve deep into her clients’ psyche provides insight and answers to those life questions we all experience.  If you feel pulled, contact her.  You will thank yourself!

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