Nutritional Counseling

Individualized counseling sessions are designed to help you identify nutritional needs in your daily routine.  Health goals will be addressed and steps planned to meet and achieve these goals.  We meet you where you are at in the process, and each session centers around what is the most appropriate next step in your personal journey.

Whether you are a novice and want to learn more about organics and the importance of adding produce to your diet, or you are advanced and need to learn how to bring more traditional methods of food preparation in to your routine, we have you covered.


Custom Meals and Delivery

Knowing how to get nutrition and actually being able to come home and cook it are two different things.  At Growing the Seed, we fully understand how demanding our schedules can be, and how demanding healthy cooking can be.  Let us help ease the burden and do the cooking for you!

Meals are designed with your needs and wants in mind.  Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious and delicious menu options that change with the season.  Local and sustainable, nutrient dense foods are our focus.  Lunches, dinners, family meals – you choose what works best for you!


Custom Gluten Free Baked Goods

Gluten free baking never tasted so good!  If you have been missing your favorite baked goods and find the store alternatives lacking, let us bake for you.  Our baked goods are 100% gluten free, refined sugar free, and made with healthy ingredients.  Check out our baked goods menu or contact us with custom orders.

Next Steps…

Are you ready to make a change for the better in your life?  Interested in a nutrition consultation or have a question regarding our services?

Contact us today for more information.