Summer Fresh

Summer Fresh

You all know how much I look forward to summer fresh meals and the amazing farmer’s market season!  And while I AM a nutritionist, not everything I cook is elaborate or complex.  Far from it!  I like to share what meals look like in my home so that you all can see the many forms nutrition can take.  I love a fancy recipe as much as the next person, but what I really value is simplicity.

We all live busy lives and have many important things on our to do lists!  I work and I teach, and I enjoy my own hobbies, but number one on my list is spending time with my children.  I know the days are spinning by quickly, and the older they get the more I try to grab hold of what time I can.  So I forego the five star meal plans and aim for fresh, bright, and nourishing.

A healthy meal does NOT need to mean hours spent in the kitchen.  I always coach my clients that nutrition should be easy, nutrition should be simple.  We should not need to create elaborate plans or calculate macronutrients at every turn.  I much prefer to “feel” my way to nutrition, and to teach others to do the same.

So on this night, with busy plans set aside and a nice family meal in front of me, I went for simple, yet satisfying.  We had stopped at the market that day and picked up fresh picked green beans, golden beets, and broccoli.  Heirloom tomatoes were a particular bonus.

Summer time means warm temperatures and hot bodies, so I prefer to keep the cooking to a minimum.  First, I steamed my beets using the instant pot, which reduced cooking time and heat in my kitchen.  On the stove, I steamed broccoli and green beans just enough to soften them and make them a little sweeter and easier to digest, five minutes tops.  Meanwhile, I cooked our protein- lamb shoulder chops, an unusual treat I managed to scavenge at the local store.  Again, straight searing with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper was the entirety of the recipe.  As the meat and vegetables cooled slightly, I sliced the tomato and chopped up a ripe avocado.  (I know, not local, but oh so decadent!)

And, voila!  Dinner.  30 minutes from start to finish, no recipe needed, no complicated ingredients.  And just look at that plate!  So many beautiful colors that feed the body and the soul.  How could you not feel happy after eating a meal like this!!!?!!!


So, I encourage you this summer to let go of your dinner rules and plans, and live in the moment.  Shop the farmer’s markets, spare the heavy cooking, and enjoy the freshness of summer produce and the company of your loved ones.   Your bodies and your hearts will thank you.

Happy Summer!


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