Summer Salads

Summer Salads



Wednesdays are the best.  My new favorite day of the week.  It’s CSA share pickup and farmer’s market.  Needless to say, I look forward to Wednesday night’s dinner and the challenge of being creative in the kitchen!

As warm as it is we prefer to eat as fresh as possible and without heating up the kitchen as much as we can.  I have learned how to be a little more clever in the kitchen, like using my Instant Pot pressure cooker often and even slow cooking overnight.  If I am cooking in the oven, I multitask and roast, bake or cook multiple items at the same time.  Honestly these are year round tactics that save me time, but they are really handy in the summer heat.

This salad was a good one.  Chard from our own little garden made the bed.  Zucchini ribbons, lightly steamed peas and beets, sliced cucumbers from our share.  The only foreign invader- the avocado slices from Trader Joes.  Homemade beet hummus, sprinkled with thyme.  Drizzle with olive oil and lemon.  A smattering of Growing the Seed’s Immune Boosting Pumpkin Seeds.  And the final touch?  A calendula blossom from our garden.

Delicious!  Seeing the colors in our food makes me smile each and every time.  You know you are doing your body a favor, and it tastes amazing too!


What kind of fun have you been having in the kitchen these days?  Share your creations with us and let us all be inspired!

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