The Energetics of Food: DIGESTION Workshop

The Energetics of Food: DIGESTION Workshop

Hi all, this is another fantastic workshop coming up!  It’s so nice, we are teaching it twice!

Lisa Grazan and I will be offering this class at two locations on two different dates in August.  It’s a wonderfully informative class that will be sure to teach you more about your health and wellbeing with regards to how we digest. After all, digestion is key to our health!  Check these out and be sure to register ahead, class size is limited!

It’s all about DIGESTION – digesting your food, your thoughts, and your emotions.  The bloating you experience after eating a heavy meal is the same mental discomfort you experience from continuously holding in unprocessed emotions.  The acid reflux you have from eating certain foods is similar to regurgitating old arguments that did not sit well with you.  Your digestion DICTATES your state of health – your physical health and your emotional health.  Join Lisa Grazan, Certified Natural Health Professional, and Meredith Hartlage, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at W&J as we discuss how to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing through our digestive health.  Participants will learn:

        • The importance of proper digestion and how it ultimately affects our health

        • What, when and how to “feed ourselves” to improve digestion – physically and emotionally

        • Recipes and demonstrations


When:  Sunday, August 19th from 1pm-3:30pm *

Where:  Indigo Yoga Loft, 1840 Mayview Road, Suite 206, Bridgeville, PA 15017

Cost:  $40 for the class, includes samples, demonstrations and recipes

RSVP: 412-257-3200 or

  • this class includes a section on yoga asanas and how they facilitate digestion through creating space and movement



When:  Tuesday, August 28th from 7pm-8:30pm

Where:  Oils Inspire Life, 3047 Industrial Blvd, Bethel Park, PA 15102

Cost:  $30 for the class, includes samples, demonstrations and recipes

RSVP: 724-350-0759 or

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