The Energetics of Food Workshop

The Energetics of Food Workshop


It’s the ENERGY ~ the inherent tastes, rhythms, temperaments and motions ~ of the  food we eat that imprints itself into our bodies.  These energies can raise us to the summit of vibrant health or plunge us into the depths of debilitating disease.  It is the ENERGIES OF THE FOOD WE EAT that shape our PHYSICAL health AND our EMOTIONAL wellbeing!!!  Explore the ENERGIES of summer foods at the grocery stores, Farm Stands, Farmer’s Markets and CSA’s! Join Lisa Grazan, Certified Natural Health Professional, and Meredith Hartlage, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at W & J,  as we discuss the energy of our foods and how to optimize our wellbeing through what we eat.   Participants will learn:

      • How to cleanse, cool, and nourish the body
      • To distinguish the different energies of local, seasonal foods
      • Recipes and demonstrations 
      • Techniques to nourish true wellbeing through foods 

When: Tuesday July 17th from 7pm-8:30pm

Where: Indigo Yoga Loft 

Cost: $25 for the class, includes samples, demonstrations and recipes

RSVP: 412-257-3200

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