The summer CSA

The summer CSA


Honestly, one of my favorite things about spring and summer is the farmer’s market stands overflowing with fresh produce.  It’s the highlight of my week to get to go!

This year, of course, we brought the farmer’s market directly to us through our summer CSA share.  CSA, community supported agriculture, is a fantastic program that offers you farm fresh produce at the height of it’s nutrition, while also benefiting the local economy and supporting our farmers.  CSAs are wonderful for the environment too because there is less carbon footprint.  Win-win-win!


Today we picked up our second share, and all I can say is oh my!  (I would have posted about our first share, but we were too excited and hungry to take pictures!)  But this week it was too beautiful not to share.  Our produce is from Conover Farms in Burgettstown.  It’s organic, heirloom, and non-GMO.  And amazing!!!!


Tonight’s dinner was straight out of the box.  Spring time salads are great ways to detoxify and clean out your body from the heavy winter foods.  Lots of greens, lettuces, asparagus, onions and garlic… these are all phenomenal detoxifiers.  They are full of fiber which helps to clean your intestines and move things along.  The greens are high water content and as such, a good diuretic.  Asparagus, too, is a diuretic.  Remember, this supports your liver and your kidneys, which are two important organs for toxin removal.   Onions and garlic are sulfur rich, a mineral that supports the body in many of it’s inner day to day functions.  But sulfur also helps rid the body of unwanted items.

Seeing a theme?  The foods that grow naturally in the spring season all act together to help our bodies move from one season to the next.  This is why eating in tune with the current season is so good for our health!  Nature knows exactly what it is doing.  We just need to follow it’s lead!


So for dinner tonight…


Springtime Salad

1 bunch romaine lettuce, roughly torn

1/2 bunch asparagus

1/4c. shelled peas

fresh dill, chopped

2T. fresh squeezed lemon juice

3T. avocado oil

sea salt to taste


In a small jar, mix together lemon juice, oil, sea salt and dill or other herbs.  Mix to emulsify.

Lightly steam or sauté the peas and asparagus.  You only need a minute or two because you want them to be slightly cooked, but still crisp.

Toss the romaine with the dressing and place in a large bowl.  Top with asparagus and peas and more fresh herbs.  You can eat as is, or add protein of choice.  Personally, I would go with salmon or a light chicken here!  Enjoy and know that you are doing yourself and your community a favor!

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