What the energetics of food are all about…

What the energetics of food are all about…


Recently you may have seen my workshops on the Energetics of Foods, and you are probably wondering what exactly that means.  Did you know that all things have energy?  You probably did, but did you stop to consider how that pertains to food?  Probably not.  I certainly didn’t for a long time.

All living things on earth carry with it a certain, individual energy.  This energy is based on the sum total of the experiences it endures.  Think about a person, think about yourself.  From the moment of conception, your cells, your being, are living  They are alive, they are growing.  They are evolving.  And they do all of this through the experiences they are accumulating.  Who you are today is comprised of all the moments in your life, building you and bringing you to this very moment.  And in the next moment, you will be someone different, based on the experiences that happen between now and that future moment.

So too it is for animals, plants, and all organic living objects on the earth.  So it makes sense to consider that by consuming these foods and materials, we are also consuming their sum and total experiences.  They become a part of us, and their energy resonates through all our cellular being.  

Nutritionists such as myself focus so much on quality foods, organics, pasture raised and sustainably grown.  And while many may never discuss the energy of a food and how it pertains to you, it is the foundation of why we need to focus on quality eating.  Not only are we protecting our body from harmful physical toxins (i.e. hormones, chemicals, pesticides, etc), but also from harmful emotional toxins.  

In an ideal world, all living things are allowed to grow and flourish in their own time and manner.   Conditions in their environment affect their growth just as certainly do the events in their lives.  Take for example a wild animal.  It is born in a natural habitat where food sources ideal for their digestive wellbeing exist in the immediate environment.  Weather, food availability, predators… all these things will vary from one animal to the next and impart a different effect.  According to author Steve Gagne, author of Food Energetics: The Spiritual, Emotional, and Nutritional Power of What We Eat, “survival and the will to live are the strongest energetic factors” of wild game.  A person who exists primarily on a diet of wild game will then imbibe this same energy into their cells, their being.  On the other hand, animals raised in conventionally farmed operations, forced into inhumane confinement and subjected to cruel handling by humans and other animals carry with them an energy of fear, angst, frustration, sadness… And thus when we eat these animals, this is the energy we consume.  

How about vegetables?  Does this pertain to plant matter too?  Absolutely.  Under ideal conditions, plants grow in due time, receiving nourishment from the natural soil in which it was planted.  The life cycle of plants that grow and die and return to the soil to ferment and enrich the ground with the vital nutrients contained within.  The plants that are harvested or consumed by animals and humans have benefitted from this cycle, and are rich with nutrition that nourish our bodies and minds.  They grow in harmony with the season, the sun, and have the calm and the peace or the strength and the tenacity inherent to their condition.  Yet in today’s modern culture, we strive always for bigger, better, sweeter, faster growing, more disease resistant plants.  So we take to the lab and create a means by which we achieve this effect.  Pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and genetic mutations provide short cuts to Mother Nature’s slow and methodical process.  Unfortunately, now these plants carry with them this new energy- having been rushed, altered, or otherwise agitated to conform to what we want them to be.  

As Gagne points out, with much of our food coming from conventional farming operations and less than sustainable farms, is it really any wonder why so much of our population lives a life punctuated by impatience, hurriedness, anger, frustration, pain and depression?  Yet this is so frequently overlooked in approaches to health and wellbeing.  Considering how vital the nourishing of our bodies is to our livelihood, should this not be the first thing we consider?

The energy of our food is indeed an important topic of consideration.  To practice true holistic wellness, we need to open ourselves to the ideas and experiences the choices we make bring to us.  If we choose to surround ourselves with people who are positive and supportive to our emotional wellebing,because, would we not choose to feed ourselves with food that is positive and supportive to our overall wellbeing?

Interested in the energetics of food?  Join Lisa Grazan, local naturopath, and I as we explore the various energies of the foods we eat and how we can use this to best optimize our own wellbeing. 

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