What is Holistic Nutrition?

What is Holistic Nutrition?


Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition is at the forefront of our minds these days.  Eating quality foods that provide an array of nutrients and vitamins contributes to our health and longevity.  But what is healthy?  How do we determine this?

Enter holistic nutrition.  Nutrition focuses on the relationship of food and our bodies.  Holistic nutrition expands on this concept and takes into account our bodies, our minds, and our heart.  It is a concept based on one’s individuality necessitating an approach to health that is just as individual.  And it doesn’t stop at the foods you eat.

Holistic nutrition encompasses our food, our activities, our stress and relaxation, our spiritual endeavors.  Life is about balance.  The more we learn that the world is a delicate interplay of varying ecosystems, the more we realize so too are our bodies.  When one system is running short, soon the others are caught up in compensating and eventually running short themselves.  No more are you treating one issue at a time.  With holistic nutrition, your body is treated as a whole unit.  Through thoughtful and wide reaching approaches, holistic nutrition helps rebuild the delicate ecosystem of you.

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Nutritional Counseling

Knowing nutrition is a core foundation to our health is step one.  But where to go from there?  Which is the right diet to follow?  How and what should we eat?

The truth is there is no one perfect diet.  It is not one size fits all, because we are not one size fits all.  We are each unique, no two alike.  Why would our needs not be just as unique?  The good news is that our bodies will actually help us determine which approach is the right one.  All we need to do is learn our body’s language.  It speaks to us everyday, in many different ways.

Through individual counseling sessions, I will help you discover and understand what your body is telling you.  Together we will sort through the foods that serve you and those that hinder.  Once we find the foods that work best for you, we build a protocol that makes this a permanent lifestyle change and not a temporary dietary approach.

I am here to help you discover what is the right path for you.  Together we will work to find the right way for you to eat, the hows and the whats.  Growing the Seed provides support through each of the necessary steps and helps you see this through as long as you may need.  Schedule your consultation today and begin on your personal journey to health!

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Personalized Nutrition

Do you know what you should eat, but struggle to make it happen?  Do you find it hard to find time to cook?  Are your cooking skills or interests lacking?  Or maybe you just find yourself trying to cook too many things to serve everyone in your family?

Let Growing the Seed help you.

Through our personalized nutrition services we provide meals, snacks, and nutritional staples so that you don’t have to.  Our meals are designed around your individual restrictions, allergies, or sensitivities.  All meals are cooked in a gluten free kitchen using local, grass fed and pastured meats, and organic produce as available.  Choose from personal or family sized meals and select how often you would like to receive them.  Menus change with the season and always focus on wholesome, nutrient dense foods that heal as well as satisfy.

Whether you want lunches to take to work, dinners for your family on hectic days, or snacks to provide your children between school and extracurricular activities, Growing the Seed has what you need.  Experience food that meets your nutritional needs and tastes amazing, too.

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Growing the Seed

Growing the Seed was founded in 2014 with a commitment to improved quality of living through holistic nutrition.  This is the journey to health and wellbeing.  How did it start?  An overabundance of garden harvests.  What to do with nature’s bounty introduced me to a life of natural living, and uncovered a passion for all things natural.  I have learned so much on my journey and discovered such happiness that I committed to sharing this passion with everyone I met.  A seed grew in my life and I want to spread the seed and grow this flower in every life I encounter.

Growing the Seed serves to teach others that their health is not only valuable, but it is theirs and theirs alone.  This is a beautiful thing!  Your health is in your hands, which means you have everything you need to be your best, healthiest self yet.  With Growing the Seed, we teach you how to be your own best expert.  We give you guidance and support, and walk along side you on your personal journey to health.  Through careful analysis and planning, we help you shape your choices around your needs and your goals.

Your approach is unique to you.  This means that your services will be unique to what you need.  Counseling, education, guided shopping, pantry makeovers, menu and food preparation- all of these services will be tailored to you.  You decide what you need, and we are here to help you achieve it.


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