Real Food- Chips Edition!

Real Food- Chips Edition!

Chips.  Salty, crunchy, and satisfyingly good.  It’s that perfect combination of texture, flavor, and of course, the fact that they serve as a great vehicle for dips and salsas!  I love my chips, and growing up, chips and salsa were served every night while dinner was being prepared.  Now, as an adult, sometimes chips and salsa are served for dinner.  (I feel the salsa meets the dinner requirements, really.  It is composed of vegetables, after all- right?)

But these chips really have been a downfall for me.  I abuse them.  I eat them in place of more nutritious foods, and I eat them more than I need to.  And indulgence is good, but a routine?  No.  They’re filling my plate where vegetables and proteins should be.  So they’ve been gone for me this month.  And guess what?  I’m still here!  I’m surviving.  And not only that, I actually feel better without them.  I will still have them from time to time, but they will no longer hold such a place of esteem in my pantry.

Remember that while chips are made from whole foods, like potatoes, corn, or even root vegetables, there are bigger problems involved.  The chips on the shelf of grocery stores often use less than quality ingredients.  Potatoes and corn are high offenders in the GMO world, but it is easy to find non GMO and organic options these days.  How about the oils used?  Are they the best oils for the job?  Many brands use safflower, sunflower, or canola oil to fry the chips.  I have found a few chip companies that use coconut oil for chips, but they’re pretty cost prohibitive at this point.  But even if we find the perfect list of ingredients, remember this- these foods are mass produced.  Real foods cannot be mass produced.  Real foods come in limited quantities.  (Or they should anyway!)

Fortunately, there are many options to more positively supply my crunchy, salty, dip-providing cravings.  You can make your own “chips” easily if you have an oven or a dehydrator.  The process is so simple, and it’s so much healthier for you.  And when we make our own, they are inherently self limiting.  The amounts we make at home will be more appropriate to what intake should be, both from quantity of ingredient standpoint and work involved standpoint.

I’ve gathered some recipes here that will definitely satisfy that chip craving.  Here, most recipes use the oven, but a dehydrator can be used instead.  If it’s a dehydrator recipe, follow the same steps but place in the oven at a low temperature.  I usually set it to the lowest possible degree (around 170) and let it go throughout the day.  Please substitute oils for more appropriate choices where necessary.

But mostly, enjoy!

Baked Sea Salt and Pepper Potato Chips


Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips



Easy Paleo Plantain Chips

Baked Beet Chips

Baked Butternut Squash Chips

Baked Zucchini Chips

Coconut Garlic Kale Chips

Sea Salt & Lime Spinach Chips

Tomato Chips!

Crispy Prosciutto Chips

Healthy Baked Carrot Chips

Homemade Apple Chips









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